Get to know our board members and read about their vision for housing justice in Sonoma County.



I am the daughter of Salvadoran immigrants and am strongly and proudly guided by the values of my family who fought for human rights in El Salvador. After several years of a career in agriculture and social media in Sonoma County, I moved to St. Louis, MO to pursue my Master of Social Work degree with a concentration in social and economic development and a specialization in policy. I have been back in Sonoma County for a little over a year now and am a housing counselor and investigations coordinator at Fair Housing Advocates of Northern California where I investigate housing discrimination and provide support to Spanish-speaking tenants in Sonoma, Marin, and Solano counties. I passionately believe in the power of unions and our community. I've spent the last four years organizing and working to advance the rights of Latinx and immigrant communities and I believe that I have valuable skills to bring to the table. 

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In my work with the tenant union, I have seen our power in action. We met the challenges of mutual aid in a global pandemic by building our counseling hotline. We have empowered more people to form tenant associations, brought forward a new set of bylaws to our board, built up mutual aid through distributing air purifiers, and helping to pass a stronger eviction moratorium countywide than the state or federal government. I want to build upon these achievements. As a board member I will seek to help us build long term strategies, where can build power with many options for people to engage where and how they can. I wand to connect with communities that the county establishment often leaves behind. And I want to help the tenant union build power so that we can cultivate change on many fronts, from policy changes to mass political education. I have been a hotline counselor since June 2020, and I have also been part of a working group seeking to collaborate with people working on housing solutions that are truly democratic and permanently affordable. It is an honor to serve as a board member to continue this fight.



I'm here to help organize people power so that we can get each other housed and keep us housed. When the COVID pandemic was underway, I started helping SCTU organize monthly tenants rights trainings. Ultimately, I believe housing should itself be one of our rights, and the only way I believe we will achieve this is with a large and resilient community that shows up for one another and becomes a force to be reckoned with.



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I am a filmmaker, born and raised in Sebastopol. I believe that through sharing and documenting our stories, and uplifting the voices of those most affected by housing injustice, we can shift the narrative around housing from treating it as a commodity to be bought and sold, to treating a home as a human right. One of my favorite parts of community organizing is building relationships with people and seeing how all our strengths work together. The amount of collective knowlege and power we all hold is so exciting, and I'm ready to fight together for a future where everyone can live in a safe and dignified home. I love making personalized art for my friends, and I also love potatoes in any form!





Los organizadores de inquilinxs del Proyecto Organizativo del Norte de la Bahía (NBOP) co-organizan con SCTU. Conozca a los organizadores de inquilinxs de NBOP y lea sobre por qué les apasiona desarrollar el poder de los inquilinxs.

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Soy una Latina de primera generación nacida en Santa Rosa, California, de padres de clase trabajadora de bajos ingresos que inmigraron al condado de Sonoma desde México. Como inquilina de toda la vida que creció en la Sección 8 de Vivienda desde mi niñez hasta los 20 años, comprendo profundamente la importancia del acceso a una vivienda segura y saludable. No solo estoy luchando para cambiar el panorama político actual y los sistemas opresivos para asegurar que lxs inquilinxs tengan protecciones más sólidas, sino que también estoy luchando para asegurar que todxs lxs inquilinxs tengan la oportunidad de prosperar y experimentar alegría en sus comunidades.

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Como organizador de inquilinxs, me motiva el fuerte deseo de corregir las injusticias históricas en la industria de la vivienda y crear un sistema que honre la vivienda como un derecho humano. Lxs inquilinxs han estado durante demasiado tiempo en el lado perdedor del acuerdo del "mercado de la vivienda," y solo a través del poder político colectivo de una unión de inquilinxs podemos ganar contra la industria de bienes raíces. Y solo invirtiendo en relaciones de confianza con otrxs inquilinxs construiremos un movimiento masivo de inquilinxs en el condado que tendrá el poder de la gente para desmercantilizar la vivienda. Creo en la interdependencia y me encanta conocer gente nueva, escuchar sus historias e intercambiar sabiduría.